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2013VENN 13376 Blue Bar Hen
Item #: 108802
DescriptionInbred Calia Janssen. 2013VENN 13376 Blue Bar Hen We began purchasing Calia Janssens from Jim Calia in 1984. We purchased many each year from 1984 until Mr. Calias death in 1992. We had children from Pure Gold and Julie, Hank, Queen, Black Jack, Diamond Cock, Shy Cock, Workhorse and Julianna, Brighteyes, Dolly, Popeye, Cinderella, Olive Oil, Lehi King, and many others. We have had tremendous success with the Calia Janssens flying them straight, and in particular, flying them crossed. Almost all of our futurity winners and breeders have some level of Calia blood in them one way or the other. We have kept the family straight and breed them straight every year to promulgate the family, so there is almost 30 years of inbreeding in our loft. We cross them for the futurities, and they make tremendous crosses. This young hen was hatched in mid-May. She is going to be a beauty. She is still molting. Her fatherís side of the Calia line is strong in the Pure Gold and Julie line with some Red Poot. Her damís side is strong in the Shy Cock line, again with some Red Poot. This young hen should be ready to breed by January, and will be a very nice addition to any loft.


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Started10/13/2013 9:00:00 PM
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Inbred Calia Janssen
Item #: 108802

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Desc: Inbred Calia Janssen



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