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 To be held on November 6/04. It will be a 350 Mile Race from the West. Birds accepted between March 15/04 & May 4/04. $200,000 First Prize.
 Last Updated on 3/15/2004
 America’s Biggest & Best One-Loft Race!
 Last Updated on 6/16/2005
 One Loft Futurity restricted to birds that are all WHITE. 200 bird Capacity, NO PERCH FEE, $50.00 Entry, Buy Back Options. Visit the website for details and entry form:www.AllWhiteRace.com
 Last Updated on 12/8/2003
 Join this race and fly for 250,000. 3 races of 200, 250, 350 miles starting September 20th.2007. We are accepting only 500 birds in our new 100 ft. long state of the art loft. Increase your odds by flying with us. We guarantee your birds will be properly trained and ready for the races. We know what you want in a one loft race. Come fly with us!!!
 Last Updated on 11/10/2006
 hello whe invith everybhuddy to checkouth owher new one loftrace ihn thailand entree is 150 dollar and the firstprize is 50000 dollar to win all info ath the page ore ask mikevanderhoven@hotmail.com whe olso looking fhor a coordinator in the usa
 Last Updated on 1/31/2008
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