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 We are pleased to announce the new Miami International Challenge One Loft Race We offer a different One Loft Race you donít have to wait to the last race to won a prizes. Four Races 150 miles race where we offer points to champion bird on 220 miles race we have 20 prizes 1st starting $10,000.280 miles race we have 25prizes 1st starting $15,000.330 miles race we have 40 prizes 1st starting $30,000.Champion Bird we have 15 prizes 1st starting $ 5,000.plus we offer a Bonus of $3,500 to the Bird Thad enters on first place on 330 miles race if is a drop of multiple Bird. If you have any question, please contact Ivan Perez or Jesus Valle Ivan Perez Phone: (305) 793-2563 Email: Pere495@bellsouth.net (Spanish only) Jesus Valle Phone: (786) 402-5689
 Last Updated on 1/31/2008
 I fly with the Martinsville Racing Pigeon Club. I have built a new loft and will be hosting a one loft race in 2004. Please take a minute and check out my new web site. If you need or want more info, drop me an e-mail.
 Last Updated on 11/6/2003
 Two race programs. The Challenge is a 3 race series, $400/bird payout is $200,000. National Breeders Dash for Cash is one race $100 entry fee payout is $50,000 (payouts based upon 500 entries) Loft located in Western KY.
 Last Updated on 10/30/2002
 this is just what your looking for if you want a honest one loft race.Birds are housed and cared for and trained like our own team so they are tested.weekly updates all year long so show what your birds can do against the best of the u.s. and world
 Last Updated on 8/26/2007
 The San Diego Triplecrown Classic one of the ultimate challenges in pigeon racing. Created in 1990, this race has been a success from the start.
 Last Updated on 6/28/2002
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