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 GO FOR THE GOLD FUTURITY RACE now bigger and better then ever. Try you birds in crossing the Sierra Mountains. From Nevada, across the Sierras to the foothills of the Sierras in Northern California. AUBURN RACING PIGEON CLUB.
 Last Updated on 2/5/2004
 20th Annual High Sierra Race Flown on Sunday October 26th, 2008
 Last Updated on 2/29/2008
 one loft race in nevada
 Last Updated on 2/13/2004
 This race is for you...the flyer that wants to see their birds progress from the beginning of training to the final race. E-Loft brings the loft to you through your computer. Daily trainers and weekend races starting in July. Our unique clocking system lets you see the YPM as they are counting down and birds clocking in seconds. NO More waiting for results to be posted! $25 perch fee $100 entry gets you in the 300mile race. There are 3 bond races you can enter prior to the Classic 300. Come and join the fun and fellowship...Who will have the fastest feathers?
 Last Updated on 2/17/2007
 Come and enjoy the NEW excitment in FABULOUS LAS VEGAS NEVADA. We have coordinated with the Tournament Of Champions and The Silver State Challenge for a great week of racing and a GRAND FINALE WEEKEND with (3) 300 mile races in (3) days.
 Last Updated on 1/29/2009
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