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 Last Updated on 2/19/2006
 JOIN THE RUSH COLORADO GOLDRUSH RACE.COM New one loft race in Colorado in October when Colorado Fall colors are at there peak and great time to enjoy a great race. So Join the RUSH to this new and exciting race go the the web site and get your information. Reserve your 3-bird entry soon will fill up fast.
 Last Updated on 12/21/2003
 Join us for the 5th Annual Cook Siino Triple Challenge One Loft Race. Three race (200, 260, 370 miles) from Nevada to the California coast.
 Last Updated on 3/10/2005
 The One Loft Race That Has It All! Online Clocking In Real Time. Be At The Race On Your Computer. Affordable For The Working Man!
 Last Updated on 11/30/2006
 A 330 mile race from Florence, Ohio. Compete with some of the best lofts in the country. The birds will be housed in a state-of-the-art loft. 225,000 total capital estimated to be paid out.
 Last Updated on 12/21/2005
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