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 This is a race from 50, 80, 120 and 200 miles. Prize money is based on clocking order. And most importantly, ITíS AFFORDABLE! Perch fee is $50 per bird to be sent along with the birds and an entry fee of $65 due before the first official race. THATíS IT! Now thatís a deal! And I forgot to mention, there is NO BUY BACK or AUCTION! You will get all of your birds back after the final race. Its open to all but the birds must be solid white. You may send as many as you like. Heres the link for the race and I hope you will participate. www.timberlofts.net
 Last Updated on 12/21/2010
 A true test of your bird's ability" Any bird can be a one hit wonder! This one loft race is designed to determine how well your strain will measure up against some of the best in the United States in five races!
 Last Updated on 3/13/2006
 New for 2009, one of the best high dollar races ever with 250 bird maximum entry and a 100,000 1st prize. 3 races in 7 days, sound familiar? Based on the prestigious Triple Crown Race, bringing the best of the best to the top. Come join in the excitement.
 Last Updated on 8/4/2008
 One of the best China one-loft races, since 1996. Now we have 200, 250 325 miles races in 3 weeks. See how your bird does in China - the bigest racing pigeon sociaty 300,000+ racing members.
 Last Updated on 6/18/2003
 Please Join us in the New California Late Hatch Classic One Loft Race, in So. California
 Last Updated on 2/8/2008
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