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 The Northamerican Capuchine Club is the only specialty club for the Old Dutch Capuchine in the United States. This beautiful breed has a history stretching back over 500 years. The Capuchine is still a rare breed but its popularity is constantly increasing. At the 2001 Grand National in Oklahoma City there were around 90 Capuchines shown. The NCC boasts a membership of over 50 breeders from around the world. This website is designed to help spread the popularity of this breed. Browse the site, look at the large array of colors in the Capuchine and sign the guestbook, enjoy!
 Last Updated on 6/12/2002
 We are located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. This is our club's third year. We are flying with the Heartland Combine. This is also the forth year for the Heartland Combine with seven clubs joined together: Stillwater RPC, Enid RPC, Greater Oklahoma Limited, Kay County RPC, Northern Oklahoma Pigeon Racers, Keystone RPC and West Tulsa RPC
 Last Updated on 6/11/2002

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