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 Information leading to the 2008 ARPU "Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation Convention & Young Bird Race." This site will provide all the information to attend and participate in this convention and young bird race.
 Last Updated on 2/17/2007
 A one loft race that will provide a scholarship to honour a fine young man whose life was cut short.
 Last Updated on 2/19/2006
 Check out two races in one a Futurity race and free bonus Auction race all in one.
 Last Updated on 1/20/2007
 300 miles - Send your best ! No bands to nominate. No perch fees. No activation fees. Pick your best birds on shipping night!
 Last Updated on 3/10/2008
 SOW: Pomeranians; jacobins; Kings; Brahmas.
 Last Updated on 3/21/2004
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